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Salsa Rhythms is a cultural event that brings people from diverse backgrounds together. It creates a space to recognize and celebrate diversity and for people to be authentically themselves. We provide a platform for talented artists, musicians, and dance performers from all over the world that are looking to showcase to the community their amazing talent, hard work and dedication to the Latin culture. The goal is to rise awareness of the healing power and impact music has on mental health and how it help us on a everyday basis, regardless of gender, color, ethnicity and religion values. Music is universal and it's meant to be shared.

You might be ask yourself "WHAT IS SALSA?"

Salsa is flavor and spice. Salsa is Latin Soul. Salsa is Rhythm. It started with the Conga, followed by the Timbales, Bongos, Clave, Guiro, Maracas, Piano, and the hart and soul of Salsa, the Bass. ​Like other genres of music that inspired this event, Salsa represents a refuge for Latinos after work and on weekends, at home and in dance halls. It offered liberation of the body and mind through the experience of music and dance. Salsa challenged the oppressive hierarchies of cultural and musical values, it was music from the people to the people.

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